The Industrialist's Challenge

Increasing productivity and reducing downtime are the major challenges to companies in the highly competitive market place.

Obsolete spare parts and on going maintenance efforts cause major downtimes, which in addition to production drop, bare higher maintenance costs on the long run.

Our Services

  • Improve spare parts technical specs (performance & service life).
  • Produce reliable competitive spare parts.
  • Re-manufacture used spare parts.
  • Obsolete parts recovery.

AbdoTec® Solutions

Our job shop provides comprehensive services to customers, from diagnosing current wear & tear, cracks, and detective metal to developing and repairing spare parts. We also provide industrial consultation for our customers to improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

  • Application-specific anti-wear protective coatings.
  • Rebuilding spare parts using special technologies to avoid problems such as: distortion of base metal, burn-through, and formation of brittle phases.
  • Rebuilding wear areas, providing proper match with base metal in terms of both mechanical properties and appearance.
Reduce Hidden Costs

The reliance on spare parts as a method for minimizing serious breakdowns requires large inventory. This results in capital investment in non-productive parts, space and labor. Statistical evidence from studies of typical industrial inventories placed the "hidden cost" of inventories at about 30% of the total purchase price of the spare parts.

Improve Productivity

Experience throughout industry has proven that repairing a part costs a fraction of the cost of replacement, saves substantial inventory costs for expenditure elsewhere and adds considerably of productivity.

Shorten Delivery Time

Shorter delivery = Reduced downtime
Unavailability of replacement parts or delays in delivery can increase downtime.
We can dramatically reduce downtime.

Repair vs. Replacement

In general maintenance repair will cost you no more than 20% and possibly as low as 10% of what you are now sending on needless replacement parts.
(A thirty year accumulated study)